Weltraum Azad zamir
synt. 17.01.2009
Devonia Night Spirit
synt. 01.05.2009
Gendarme's J'aime le Café
synt. 23.07.2009
Vertigo Hypnotic Halo
synt. 30.11.2008
Welcome! You have just arrived to Devonia, a Finnish sim-game kennel. Please mark that everything on this site is imaginary. The dogs (including their names, pedigrees, results and so on) are not real. They are all products of imagination. The dogs in the photos have nothing to do with the information written. I've been given the permission to use the photos in my sim-game from their respected authors.
I've had sim-game dogs as my hobby for over six years now. They are very educating, interesting and just fun to play with. We have everything from virtual dog shows and agility to obedience and herding. We even breed dogs virtually! Please read this page for more information.
Devonia is a "little sister" to my other sim-game kennel Elm Street, which breeds German Shepherds. I wanted to build another place for my not-GSD's and decided to make it in English. I found it quite hard to explain foreign breeders what sim-game actually is, so I figured that a concrete example would do it best. Unfortunaly the dogs' pages are only in Finnish.
I have been priviledged to get a permission from several wonderful breeders to borrow their photos for my sim-game dogs. Without pictures virtual dogs are pointless, so I'm extremely thankful to every person that has helped by providing me photographs. Thank you!
The real dog in "Weltraum Azad zamir's" photos is Int Ch Gryffyn's Strange Brew.
» photo credits Scirocco Silken Windhounds, Ann and Rick Steele
The real dog in "Devonia Night Spirit's" photos is CZ Ch Multi Winner Christine od Dalajského potoka.
» photo credits od Dalajského potoka, Martina Kaprálková
The real dog in "Gendarme's J'aime le Café's" photos is Vehnäpellon Duracell.
» photo credits Mona P.
The real dog in "Vertigo Hypnotic Halo's" photos is Never Never Land Just Fantastic.
» photo credits Legendary Stardust BCs, Magdalena Michalska
Please feel free to contact me in any questions! My e-mail address is euow@wippies.REMOVE.fi (or xafir@netti.REMOVE.fi).
Best regards
Mona and the dogs

- Devonia is a sim-game kennel
- published 18.01.2009
- updated 26.11.2009
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